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Teachers ArtworkAt Mildmay we are kind to everyone at school. We have nine classes and a Nursery. Teachers are very kind and very helpful. We enjoy learning and doing topic work. We have equipment and a parachute. The lunch hall has yummy food and we sign in assembly. We learn French and at Playtime we have fruit and milk.
By Regan

I love to play on the computers. I have lots of friends and my teacher is nice.
By Che

At Mildmay we go on school trips and we play and learn outside. We like ICT and signing in assembly.
By Phoebe

At Mildmay the teachers are very nice and the children are good. We have a music box and a cloakroom. We have a fire alarm and we sing and sign in assembly. We have a playground and in Year 2 we learn French. I like learning.
By Megan

The school has play equipment. We have kind teachers and children. We have good toys, we have good school trips, we have good books, we have white boards and we have visitors.
By Luke

We go to different, fun places and lots of visits at Mildmay. We love learning here and we have fun playing at school.
By Evie

At Mildmay there are friendly children. We have nice books. At school we have nine classes and a Nursery and a Library. We enjoy signing and we have a very nice playground. If we are good we get a balloon and a sticker from the Headteacher.
By Kiera.

At Mildmay it is very fun and Mildmay is a great place to learn. Mildmay is very friendly. There are two playgrounds. The teachers are nice and we have lots of trips and visitors. Mildmay is a signing school.
By Megan

At school it is fun. We have nice teachers and nice children. We have a very nice playground and lovely classrooms. We have PE in the hall and sometimes we have visits from people. In assembly we sign. We always help children when they are stuck. We have lots of kind people.
By Georgina

Activemark 2008Healthy SchoolThe Basic Skills Agency - Quality Mark

Mildmay Infant & Nursery School
Robin Way, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 8AU

Head Teacher: Mrs Maxine Bradford BA Ed (Hons), NPQH

Tel: 01245 250021 • Fax: 01245 284631 • Minicom: 01245 281480
Email: admin@mildmay-inf.essex.sch.uk
Email: Parents@mildmay-inf.essex.sch.uk

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